Usually, images of Christmas include a few inches of freshly fallen snow to make everything look...Christmas-sy. Can we expect a white Christmas in CNY this year?

In previous years, a white Christmas was practically guaranteed in CNY. We'd always get at least an inch or two - and some year, much much more. In 2018, things aren't look quite so good.

The Weather Channel and the National Weather Service seem to agree that while we could see a dusting of snow here and there - it looks like Christmas will be green...and maybe a little muddy. Both call for a chance some snow flurries on Christmas Eve, but no snow on Christmas Day - and temperatures around 30 for the day.

Of course, it depends on where you live - maybe you'll see a few more flakes - and maybe you still have some left on the ground where you are.

Of course, just because the meteorologists say there won't be snow - doesn't mean we can't have our own Christmas miracle.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Lite 98.7!


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