Arian David Photography made the trek to Utica to watch the St.Patrick's Day parade, and it looks like they had a blast. 

Arian Horbovetz decided to take a vacation in the Mohawk Valley last summer. He wanted to prove to Utica naysayers that there's plenty to do here, and our community spirit is second to none.

While he was here, he visited Utica Coffee roasting Company, toured Hotel Utica, ate at Panda House, and did some shopping at the Farmer's Market too. According to the, he was really impressed:

I was amazed as I walked in… the place had been transformed into a bustling public market, full of vegetables, fruits, breads, cheeses and other delicious items.  It was an incredibly social place as well, with folks of all ages talking, laughing, buying.

To see Arian's colorful pictures of Utica click HERE.

Check out Arian's St. Patty's Day footage.

Sometimes Silence is Golden

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