If there's one thing to be learned from Ariana Grande's latest video, it's that a dangerous woman always comes equipped with the very best lingerie and mood lighting.

After releasing an a cappella rendition of "Dangerous Woman" complete with latex bunny ears on March 21, Grande unveiled a produced video (she called it "Visual 1") at the stroke of midnight (March 31). Above, she easily finds company among the brand's most seasoned angels.

In the clip, which finds Grande experimenting with a middle part (you remain in our hearts, high half-ponytail), the singer delicately grooves through pink and blue floodlights while spelling out the allure of a mystery man's intrigue. Oh, and if it wasn't clear that the aughts were back, she slinks around the set's white couch while sporting a black floral choker. What, no strappy heels to match?

In January, Grande, who originally planned to name her forthcoming third album Moonlight, told Jimmy Kimmel Live! she decided to go with Dangerous Woman, instead, after experiencing the power of the eponymous track.

"There’s this other song that’s sort of thrown me for a whirlwind and I love it so much and it’s just sort of changed everything," she said. The power of a dangerous woman realized...

Check out the video above, tell us what you think and hang tight for more info on Dangerous Woman. Maybe Ari's latest can double as a bid for a return Victoria's Secret Fashion Show performance?


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