How many times have you heard stars, whether movie, music or whatever, complain about their lack of privacy and the constant attention of the paparazzi?  Alot, right?  So it's pretty unusual to hear a star defend the paparazzi and tell stars to stop complaining.  That's what Adam Levine, of the group Maroon 5, told CNN's Piers Morgan.

As Adam sees it, being famous is a two way street and people know what they're getting into if they become famous.  He says it's just part of the territory.  Adam told Piers: "If you're going to be on television, if you're going to be a singer, if you're going to be an actor, there's going to be alot of this that comes with that.  Alot of people that start hating it, and when it starts consuming them and owning them, they brought it on themselves, sometimes that's not the case, but to complain about it so passionately is irresponsible because there's alot of people with real problems."  Adam also told Piers the paparazzi pretty much leave him alone.  Do you think that's why he doesn't have a problem with them because they don't bother him like they do other stars?  Is he right that stars shouldn't complain?