Today is August 27, 2018. Although there are rumors it will open sooner, the stated release date for Avengers 4 is May 3, 2019. That means the film is 250 days away. That also means that with just 250 days to go, Avengers 4 does not have a poster, a trailer, or even an official title. It’s still just Avengers 4 (or Untitled Avengers, if you’re Kevin Feige).

All of this is basically unprecedented. Sure, a handful of movies have come to theaters with less warning than this; the first Cloverfield wasn’t even announced until about six months before it opened in theaters, by a trailer that didn’t even include the film’s title. And Avengers: Infinity War was basically a giant trailer for Avengers 4; one that sold about $2 billion worth of tickets. Still, there’s a pretty significant difference between dropping a relatively modest monster movie into theaters with limited marketing and releasing literally one of the handful of biggest movies ever made where less than a year before the movie, no one knows what the thing is called.

If my math is right the first Infinity War trailer didn’t arrive online until November of last year, about 217 days from the film’s release. Maybe Marvel will do the same this year for Avengers 4. On the other hand, if you want to get really technical, Marvel put out a very early teaser for Infinity War way back in 2014. The film’s title was already known by then, although for a while it was Infinity War Part 1 with Infinity War Part 2 to follow the next year. Either way, here we sit on August 27, and we know nothing about nothing.

Okay, we know Thanos is in it. Probably Steve Rogers, too. Beyond that, who knows? Is it possible Marvel was going to call this movie Avengers: Fallout, but then Mission: Impossible snuck in there with that and they’re scrambling to decide on an alternative?

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