Congrats to Avril Lavigne and Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger! The pride and joy for the Great White North have tied the knot after a whirlwind romance, lots of hair dye and quite a few collaborations.

The Canadian couple wed in the south of France, sources told E! News. The pair got engaged last August seemingly out of nowhere, and there has recently been another bout of pregnancy speculation about the 'Here's to Never Growing Up' singer. Chances are a wedding may add fuel to the rumor fire, whether or not it was actually a shotgun situation.

Details about the actual wedding are scant, but Lavigne did offer some clues about it -- namely that it wouldn't be an all-white affair.

"We want it to be unique and special and we want it to be a very big event but at the same time it's small and it's just close friends and close family," Lavigne said previously. "Of course [Chad] has been really involved," she continued. "He's also been really cool with just letting me kinda taking the wedding in the direction I want to take it in."

Kroeger, for his part, seems to have the husband thing down already, telling E! News, "I sit back and I take a lot of the things that are presented to me, and I look at them on paper, and when I'm asked my opinion, I offer it very gently. That's the smartest thing I can possibly do because that big day is not about me. That big day is about her."

Good job, Av -- sounds like you got yourself a keeper!

UPDATE: A source close to Laivgne told Us Weekly that the couple "technically not married yet." Kroeger and Lavigne kicked off their festivities in Cannes on June 29 but will have their wedding ceremony tomorrow, Monday, July 1.

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