Other than being in radio I’d love to be an astronaut. It seems like the perfect job because it never seems boring. No one wants to be the person with the boring job. If you're looking for a new opportunity, you may want to check out Cosmo's list of 8 Awesome New Jobs:

1) Speed Decorator- Your job is to turn homes that aren't selling into decoration masterpieces.

2) Doggy Flight Attendant- At Pet Airways, you will do everything possible to make sure the pets have a safe and comfortable trip.

3) Professional Tweeter- If you love social media, you could work as a social networking expert. You could be Tweeting, Facebooking, and even blogging for money.

4) Globetrotting Teacher- Cirque du Soleil pays people to teach the children in their shows while they travel the world. You must be able to teach in English and French.

5) Undercover Diner- Get paid to eat food. Oh yeah, you also have to evaluate how the staff treats the customers. Not too bad right?

6) Tropical Talent Tamer- Be a production assistant or event planner in a destination such as Hawaii or the Caribbean.

7) Style Guide- Shop for other people professionally.

8 ) Floating Chef- Work on a cruise ship or private yacht as a cook or assistant to the chef.

What would you consider to be a cool job to have?