Babe's at Harbor Point is adding a new option for outdoor diners - clear plastic igloo-like domes.

Governor Cuomo has allowed restaurants to reopen in New York, but the restrictions on seating capacity and social distancing requirements have made it difficult to accommodate diners. During the summer months, some restaurants were able to take advantage of outdoor space to seat diners, but with colder temperatures in the forecast, that extra space may not be usable.

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Babe's, on North Genesee Street, is adding 4 outdoor dining domes, allowing the restaurant to continue to use its outdoor patio for dining, even as winter approaches.

The four domes will be available for diners on Monday, November 9th.

Restaurants have been particularly hard hit by COVID-19, forced to close in March, and then limited to take-out orders for several months before limited indoor dining was allowed in July.

Several restaurants in the Mohawk Valley have closed as a result of the pandemic, including - most recently - Outta The Way Cafe in Utica, who announced their plans to close early this week, citing "times of uncertainty".

Other restaurants, including Tailor and the Cook, have gotten creative by offering "make and take" meals that diners can take home and re-heat for later in the evening. Still other have started to offer 'Family Style' take-out.

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