A cardboard box with a small mattress for a baby? It's the latest craze for many new mothers and doctors, and it's could be coming to Central New York.

The days of new mothers using a dresser drawer as a sleeping space for their newborns are in the past (well, that was in the past, but now it's even further gone). The newest thing doctors and hospitals are offering are these "baby boxes."

Now the whole point of the boxes is to give newborns a safe and secure place to sleep, and try to cut down on deaths of infants because of their sleeping situation. Unfortunately, many mothers still sleep with their newborns in the same bed (even though it has been highly warned against). Babies sleeping in the wrong bed can suffocate, or they can get rolled over or smothered accidentally by a parent.

"Baby Boxes" have actually been around for quite some time, but they're starting to grow in popularity all over the United States, which includes right here in New York. According to Syracuse.com,

Crouse Hospital, which delivers more babies than any other hospital in Central New York, plans to begin distributing cardboard baby boxes lined with mattresses later this year to all new parents regardless of income...

We asked a few of our coworkers what they thought about the "Baby Boxes." The first staff member we asked doesn't have any kids, but thought the idea is great. He went on to say it would give babies that small space, the closeness that they need to feel safe, while actually keeping them safe from accidents in a bed that's too big or shared with their parents. Our second coworker we asked has two kids (but they're already grown), but she still agreed that it was a good idea.

Not everyone is on board with these "Baby Boxes," though. Some people don't think it will help and it's up to the parents to learn the right sleeping situations for their kids and not rely on a box. Others are concerned about how safe these boxes actually are and think more research and studies need to be done.

We want to know what you think... Are these "Baby Boxes" a good idea? Do you think more research needs to be done? Or do you think these boxes could actually cause more problems? Vote below and let us know:

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