If you’re expecting a baby in 2012, you’ve no doubt given a lot of thought to what the child’s name will be. Curious about the latest baby name trends? Turns out, they’re pretty weird.

Parents who like popular names such as Aidan but don’t want to jump on any bandwagons have been choosing things that rhyme instead, like Jayden or Brayden, or mixing up the spellings of the original — turning Aidan into Aiden, Ayden or Aaden. (But any adult who’s lived with an alternative spelling will ask you to please think twice.)

Western-style names for boys like Wyatt, Carson, Colton, Hunter, Chase and Cody are expected to be big this year, and while the Royal Wedding hasn’t led to a rise in Catherines, Williams or Pippas, it may be responsible for a wave of names like Millie, Poppy, Henry, Theo and Oliver — monikers more frequently heard across the Pond.

And with the 2012 presidential election looming, it’s not surprising that some parents would name their kids Reagan, Carter, Jackson and Kennedy. (Thankfully, though, experts don’t think you’ll see any Newts or Mitts darkening the doorsteps of daycare centers anytime soon.)

Celebrity moms and dads who look to the Bible for naming ideas are eschewing the traditional Mary and John and instead opting for Jonah, Delilah, Solomon and even Genesis. But you can’t always blame those crazy celebs for weird names — Nevaeh, or “heaven” spelled backwards, has been making its way up the charts for about a decade now.

Finally, Jacob and Bella are still hot, proving pop-culture inspirations like ‘Twilight‘ are still having a strong influence. More retro supernatural names are showing up on charts too — you’ll see more girls called Samantha and Piper (from ‘Bewitched’ and ‘Charmed,’ respectively) in years to come. But as trendy as ‘True Blood’ is, it doesn’t look like Sookie has caught on with parents. For now, anyway.

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