Has your name ever made the "Most Popular Baby Name" list? 2016's top names combine a little Hollywood , with a hint of classic.


Here are the top 5 boy names of 2016 according to New York Upstate.com:

5. Michael

We can't count the number of moms who named their son Michael, but regretted their name choice after they learned most people would call him "Mike." However, that wasn't enough to deter 1163 mothers from assigning "Michael" to their little one so far this year.


4. Noah

From Actors', Noah Nicholas Breery, to Noah Munck, this Biblical name is a popular choice in 2016. So far to date, there have been 1236 newborns named Noah. Maybe one day, all the Noah's will collaborate and build a giant boat so they can hang out and discuss their Noahness.


3. Ethan

Let's face it, Ethan is just a cool name. It's very masculine, and it also has that cool factor. Actors, war heroes, screenwriters, soccer players, and "Survivor" finalists all share this "solid, safe, and strong" name. So far in 2016, there have been 1244 newborns named Ethan.


2. Jacob

We're convinced some parents name their son Jacob just so they can call him Jake. Jake is a sure fire hit with the ladies, and is highly creative, and artistic too. Jacob Black was a hungry werewolf, Jacob Gyllenhaal dated Taylor Swift, and Jacob Dylan is a tremendous musician.  To date, 2016 has seen 1281 babies named Jacob.


1. Liam

We can't help but wonder if dad had a say in naming his little guy this manly name. If father knows best, it's because he enjoys watching Liam Neeson, tough guy films. Of course we can't forget about Miley's man, Liam Hemsworth, and One Direction's lead singer Liam James Payne.


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