Not every gift is a good one, especially on a day that's all about love. Make sure you get something for your sweetie that they'll actually want.

No one wants to spend Valentine's Day in the doghouse. It does happen though, and it may happen to you if you get a gift that you didn't put thought into or just didn't think it over beforehand. While you're out and about shopping for that person that means the most to you, you may want to stay away from a few things - Like these items...

Vacuum Cleaner or Other Cleaning Items - This wouldn't be a suitable gift any time of the year, but especially on Valentine's Day... Maybe it would be okay on Christmas IF it was a specific vacuum cleaner, but that's even close to the line.

Self Help Books - Again, this really isn't a gift that's good for any occasion, but especially on Valentine's Day. Unless you want to start a fight on a day focused on love.

Gym Membership - Do we really need to explain this one??

Last Minute Stuff You Picked Up at a Convenience Store - A card you didn't even sign, some scratch off tickets, and maybe a gas card... Doesn't really say "romance," now does it?! Not saying you can't get those things, but you'll do a lot better if you at least put a day or two of thought into it.

A Breakup or Divorce - This is probably one of the worst things you could possibly do. If you're considering this, breakup or file for divorce before Valentine's Day. That's just mean.


Look, you know your significant other better than anyone else, right?? So you should know what's a good gift option and what's not. Maybe your wife loves scratch off tickets, so you know you'll get those for her. Okay, well maybe add something else to it so it shows you put some effort into it.

No matter what you end up getting for that special person in your life, we hope you have a great Valentine's Day, filled with lots of love and happiness!




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