Over the weekend Will Smith was recorded giving some words of wisdom to his son Jaden on the occasion of the youngster's 21st birthday. Smith had his tongue in his cheek when he passed along the same advice he got from HIS dad at that age: "Don't do two illegal things at once; your chances increase exponentially for getting caught at both."

There was also a thread on Twitter about the worst advice you've ever received. Monica Lewinsky said hers was: Get an internship at the White House; it will be great for your resumé. Our Facebook Friends also answered the question, with a variety of interesting results:

-Psychologist Andrew "Doc" Berry: "That I'd never become a psychologist and amount to anything."

-Darren Denicola: "There isn't enough room on your server for that list."

Tim Drake: "I spent 15 minutes yelling 'Go Up' at a broken elevator, because my dad told me it was voice-activated."

-A.J.: "The swimming lines at the bottom of the pool smell like cherry."

-Paul Klumbach: "Make a Facebook page."

-Whitney Nelson: "When driving, don't bother to use your blinkers, because it's nobody's business where you're going."

-Liz Davis (creator and owner of Lizzy's Cupcakery in the New Hartford Shopping Center): "That cupcakes don't make money."

THAT's a good one. If you have any more to add, send 'em in, Jerome.

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