Looking to mix Barbie and cheesesteak together? One Upstate New York restaurant has your back.

Gino's Cheese Steak and Onion near Syracuse has gone viral the last week on the Today Show, Good Morning America, and CBS. Gino's has created what they are calling the "Malibu Barbie Dream Drizzle Sauce."

What In The World Does That Mean?

It's a house-made ranch mixed with red dragon fruit to get that vibrant color. According to CBS, Gino's has sold nearly 20 gallons of the special sauce, and people have been driving hours to try it.

"It's basically a sweet ranch with big punches of garlic and chili," Josh Amidon told "Good Morning America" of the red dragon fruit-based condiment that he dubbed the "Malibu Barbie Dream Drizzle.""


What makes it stand out? Owner Josh Amidon told Today It isn't the normal pink products you see with Barbie:

“I saw all these other restaurants doing pink Barbie drinks and pink Barbie desserts and I was like, I do want to participate in the fun, but I don't want to follow suit with what everyone else is doing. I wanted to do something fun and different.”"

After testing nearly 20 different versions, the sauce officially launched in store on July 21st. So the pink sauce that you see is a hot pink sauce drizzled on top of Gino’s signature cheesesteak. The drizzle is made of red dragon fruit and house-made ranch, with punches of garlic, chili and lemon. Plus, it’s sprinkled with edible glitter.

If you tried this delicious combo, text us on our app and let us know how it tasted.

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