A new study has ranked each state on the housing affordability for female graduates, and New York did not perform well.

When you go to college, you hope to graduate, get a good paying job, and then eventually build a stable future financially. Achieving this is tougher due to the gender pay gap. A study shows that in several states, this gap forces female graduates to spend a higher percentage of their income on rent, challenging their financial independence right from the start of their careers.

The study published by Moving Astute compared annual median rent and average salaries across states. It found that female graduates in Hawaii spend over 39% of their income on rent, the highest among all states, followed closely by California, New York and Florida where female graduates allocate approximately 35%, 33% and 32% of their income to rent.

So New York came in at number 3 as the worst for female graduates. Here's a look at that data:

RankStateAnnual Median Rent
(One Bedroom)
Average Salary for
Female Graduates
Proportion of Female Graduate's
Salary Spent on Rent
3New York$20,874$62,33633.49
9New Jersey$18,936$64,68029.28

According to US News, New York ranks #47 in Affordability in the country overall, #20 in Best States Overall, and #49 in Opportunity overall. However on the flip side, WalletHub ranked New York State as the number 7 state in the country for women overall.

Do you feel New York State is a good place for female graduates overall? Would you build a future here if you were in that position? Let us know on our station app.

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