Our friends at Spring Farm Cares shared this photo of Izzy, a barn cat with one eye, on their Facebook page recently.

The no-kill shelter is known for taking in and caring for animals who don't fit in the traditional shelter system.  Izzy is a reminder to look past a pet's physical disabilities to see the spirit of the animal inside.  From Spring Farm:

If you look at me and see a cat with one eye missing
then you are failing to see who I really am.
It is not what’s missing that makes me who I am.
It is what I have and what I do with it that is most important.
I have one eye, but I use it wisely. I think sometimes that I see more than you who have two.
My one eye requires me to look more closely and to focus more softly on life.
I don’t take what I see for granted. And my vision is held within my heart, not within my eyeball.
Never see me as just a one-eye cat - for if you do, that will be your handicap and not mine.


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