spring farm cares

Spring Farm CARES Hosting 25th Anniversary Open House
Spring Farm CARES located on State Route 12 in Clinton, NY is one of the most reputable animal rescue organizations in Central New York. This weekend they are throwing a huge Open House party to celebrate 25 years of caring for everything from dogs to horses. This is a big milestone, and they want p…
Waterville Boy Uses Birthday To Give Back
If you haven't made a New Year's resolution, follow the lead of 10 year-old Tyler Evans who is giving back. The Waterville boy used his birthday to help animals in Central New York.
Cat Literally Kicked to the Curb – The Story of Sadie
We are highlighting stories from Spring Farm Cares in June for 'Adpot a Shelter Cat Month.' Today we're sharing with you the troubling story of Sadie.  The little kitten was found abandoned near a dumpster at a convince story. She was brought by a Good Samaritan to Spring Farm.  A veternarian looked…