I was perusing the internet this morning and I stumbled across an impressive drone video of Utica!

I just celebrated my birthday in March and I'm kicking myself because I didn't add a drone to my wish list! Have you ever wanted to own one? I've done a little research, and to my surprise, Gizmodo reports that they are nearly as expensive as I initially thought:

A few years ago only nerdy hobbyists took to the skies with UAVs. But with its entry-level Phantom drones, DJI has been gradually chipping away at the technical and financial barriers that keep normal folks away. Phantom 3 models start at $1000. Professional models run around $1350. Competitors like the Iris+ from 3DR, costs about $750.

Granted, that's not an insanely cheap price but still way less than I imagined. Think of all the amazing and fun things we could do if we owned one of these futuristic pieces of equipment!

J Floyd Jr. captured some impressive drone footage of Savings Bank of Utica and the surrounding buildings!

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