Area 351 has seen its share of UFO sightings over the past few years and whether you believe in them or not, it's still kind of fun to play. Back in 2011 a daytime UFO was spotted in the heart of the city: The video received more than 18,000 views but was seen as a prank by some:


 Wow I see ufo's everywhere.. Oh wait... those are the   clouds! Did not see a single thing!!!! That was funny. This video has to be a joke! (YouTube)


If you've never seen the video, watch it and judge for yourself. I don't see a darn thing!



On February 28th of this year Chris Densten spotted an unfamiliar aircraft flying high above the Gold Dome Bank in downtown Utica. Chris was minding his business inside his Utica home when suddenly he couldn't believe his eyes. I've watched the video several times and I still don't see anything, but that's probably because I'm too preoccupied with his priceless reaction!

Man Chris sure was excited wasn't he?! I'm not exactly sure what he saw, but his passion and excitement are contagious....I decided to turn his enthusiastic remarks into a Chris Densten remix.  Take a listen!


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