With the price of everything going up and up, do you think you are being price gouged? Is someone maliciously trying to swindle you out of your hard-earned money?

While you might have been hearing that prices for gasoline have been increasing on an almost daily basis, do you think that a business is trying to take you for being a sucker?

So, how can you report what you think is price gouging in New York State?

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So you believe that you are being maliciously overcharged, how can you report it? New York State actually has a 'Price Gouging Law."

What is the New York State Price Gouging Law?

U.S. Gas Prices Soar To Record National Average
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This price-gouging law is all about protecting New York State consumers, from being taken advantage of by merchants, charging excessive amounts on products. For instance, if a gas station is charging you way more than 'normal' simply because it is the last gas station on the Thruway or the last gas station before a long stretch of roadway.

Or even when toilet paper was a hot commodity during the beginning of the pandemic. Did someone charge you more than three or four times what the toilet paper cost before the Covid panic set it?

So how can you report price gouging in New York State? Will your complaint be heard?


Don't think that the price gouging can be limited to toilet paper or gasoline, it could be on any project. To report a gouging episode, you can contact the New York State Attorney General.

So what do you need to be able to file the New York State Price Gouging Report?

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In order to file the complaint with the Attorney General's Office, you will need to provide information, like date, time, and your contact information. While you do not have to fully complete your contact info, the AG likes to be able to follow up with complaints to share with the person the outcome of the review. Have you ever filed one of these complaints? How did that work out?

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