You know that old saying: Beans, beans, the musical fruit, the more you eat, the less you have. (Or something like that.) 

Central New Yorkers have been dealing with far less of their favorite baked beans in the last year or so. The absence of that distinctive yellow can with the friendly old lady on it has left a void on the shelves and a void in our hearts. 

Bakers LTD via Amazon
Bakers LTD via Amazon

But just when you thought you had to give up beans forever – lest you switch brands like a coward – there’s good news! Grandma Brown’s is back, baby!

Production of the beans stalled during the pandemic due to a staffing shortage, a story all too familiar at this point. But the granddaughter of the iconic Central New York food brand recently gave a promising update to the Syracuse Post-Standard from the echoey halls of the vacant manufacturing plant in Mexico, New York:

“We are in the process of hiring people and we expect to be in production this month.”

According to Wikipedia, Grandma Brown’s was started in 1937 when Grandma Lulu Brown began cooking pots of baked beans to be sold at stores during the Great Depression. Wikipedia does not elaborate on whether “Grandma” was her given first name, or whether that title was earned. 

The beans have a loyal following not only in New York state but around the entire country. A pack of two 22oz cans is currently being sold on Amazon for a whopping $49.99. One Amazon reviewer called them “the absolute best baked beans ever.” Just like Grandma used to make– and WILL make again!

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