What do you call a guy who can fish, handle a rifle, loves his dog, can cook and looks like the Brawny paper towel guy? Should we call that man “our ideal hunk”? Well, that man exists and his name is Ben Sargent.

If you’re not recognizing the name, maybe you’ll respond better to The Brooklyn Chowder Surfer? Or perhaps even the guy from ‘Hook, Line & Dinner‘?

Sargent is one of the best sea food cooks on the East Coast, and he shares his food passions to the world through his two successful restaurants and his blog Seafood Secrets of the Brooklyn Chowder Guy. You can also find Sargent on the Cooking Channel as the host of his own show where he seeks out fisherman from all over to learn about their insider cooking secrets.

If you don’t care for a guy who cooks, then maybe the fact that he’s jacked will appeal to you. While it’s difficult to find photos of Sargent without his shirt on (how classy of him), you can definitely see his bulging pecs poking through his tightly knit tees. See for yourself below.