If you or someone you know is interested in moving to Utica, this is the best pieces of advice we can offer - Everything you need to know to start off right in your new city.

Utica and Central New York are very unique areas, there's no doubt about it. If someone is moving to the area (especially if they have never been here before), there are a few things they need to know. These few things will help them get off to a good start in Utica, and will make the move as easy as possible. Here's the advice we can offer them:

1 - Take Drives

The roads in New York are pretty confusing compared to the rest of the country. Before you get lost, or spend hours searching for a place (even though you can see the actually place, you just can't figure out how to get to it), drive around. Spend your weekends learning the roads, and how they connect together. Seriously, GPS won't be able to figure out everything for you - You need a little background info to make sense of it all.

2 - Don't Argue About Good Food

You'll lose. Plain and simple. No matter where you're moving from, that place does NOT have better food than Utica and Central New York. There's something about the unique variety of food in this area that beats out any other area. Don't believe us? Try it for yourself. You'll never be the same again - Food will never compare the same way again.

3 - Make Sure You Get the Right Trash Bags

This may not seem like a big deal, but if you're new to the area you're going to need this information. Each city/town in Central New York has specific trash bags you have to put your garbage in. Don't buy a box of bags at the grocery store and set your garbage at the curb - It won't get picked up. Ask your neighbors or coworkers what trash bags you need. You'll be able to pick them up at numerous stores around your city, but be aware - It costs more than the box of bags you would normally get. That's just how it goes.

4 - Get Ready for Good and BAD Attitudes

It seems like you either love Utica or you hate it. You'll meet people who absolutely love everything this area has to offer (which there is a lot to see and do in Utica), but you'll also meet people that seem so miserable and hate everything. Those people will leave you wondering why they still live in an area they can't stand so much, but it's more of a personality thing - No matter where they lived, they would hate it. For the most part people take pride in this area, and see all the potential it has.

5 - You'll Be Busy a Lot!

Being new in any area will keep you busy, but in Central New York?! - You'll have SO much to see, SO much to do, you won't know where to begin! Be ready for Saranac Thursdays with live music in the summer, take a ride on the Adirondack Scenic Railroad, visit the Utica Zoo, watch the Comets play at the Utica AUD, and that's just to name a few things. There's always events going on, fairs and carnivals, plus you'll be spending a lot of time just checking out the local shops and places to eat (Trying the unique foods and all the restaurants will take you years in itself, to do).

There are tons of other 'little secrets' and pieces of information that newcomers could use. What is the top piece of advice you would give to someone moving into Utica or the Central New York area?
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