Experience the best of Utica and Central New York in 24 hours - 10 Things to show off the most CNY things to do.

Don't get us wrong, you don't have to be from Central New York to do these things, and if you are from CNY we've probably already done a lot of these. But it's great for someone visiting the area, or if you feel like having a full day of Uticaness.

1. Start Your Day with Coffee. Head over to Utica Coffee Roasting Company and get one of their amazing beverages. (SPOILER ALERT: They were voted #1 Coffee during our Lite Listener Choice Awards). Not only are the drinks great, but the atmosphere is perfect. It's a great way to start your full Utican day.

2. Now it's Time to See Some Animals. The Utica Zoo is calling! Take a nice stroll around the park while seeing all the animals - Especially the Lions, they're pretty active. You may even see them playing or climbing in the trees (it's a pretty cool sight). End your trip at the zoo by stopping by the World's Largest Watering Can, right in the center of the park.

Lions at the Utica Zoo
Naomi Lynn/TSM

3. Have a Quick Snack. You have many, MANY choices for getting a quick bite to eat in the area. Whether it's warm out and you want to grab some ice cream at either Nicky Doodles or one of the Stewart's Shops, or if it's a little on the cold side and you want to grab just a quick side at one of the restaurants (Come on, you have so MANY to choose from). Either way, you'll have no problem finding a quick snack in Utica. Tomato pie, anyone?

4. Get Some Culture In. Head over to Munson-Williams-Procter Arts Institute, and see the latest exhibit they have going. The prices are pretty cheap, and it gives you a chance to see some beautiful artwork, and take in some culture.

5. Grab a Nice Lunch. Nothing says Utica-Style lunch like enjoying something from Utica Bread. They have your choice of salads, soups, and sandwiches that are perfect for a nice, filling lunch. Maybe try their "Dill Chicken Salad on Raisin Walnut Bread" or a unique soup like "Greens and Garlic."

6. Go for a Tour. The F.X. Matt Brewery Tour is always a go-to event for learning about the history of beer in Central New York, while having a good time. You learn a lot about the history in this area and how much beer played a role in it, and you get the chance to sample some of the craft beer (even some that aren't available to the public yet - Some from their pilot-room). But there are other tours you can check out as well. Adirondack Distillery also offers tours. And if you plan your day in advance, you could even go for the Adirondack Scenic Railroad Tour - which is definitely an experience in itself.

The Tavern Inside the Saranac Brewery
Naomi Lynn/TSM

7. Have Dinner the Utican Way. Sure, if someone has never had "Greens" or "Chicken Riggies," you want them to at least try them. But if you're looking for something different that's still "Utican-Style," you have plenty of choices. You can have a delicious steak dinner at Delmonico's, get a little fancy at Aqua Vino, or enjoy Italian dining at The Chesterfield Restaurant. Those are just a few ideas - There's so many choices when it comes to good food in Central New York.

8. Join in on Some Utica Pride with Hockey. This is a must-see event even if you're not a huge hockey fan. Watching the Utica Comets at the AUD is amazing - The fans, the games, the hometown pride - There are not enough words to describe the experience, you just have to see it for yourself.

Outside the Utica AUD
Naomi Lynn/TSM

9. If Hockey Isn't Your Taste, See a Show. Okay, if you really, REALLY don't want to check out the game, there's still plenty you can do. Maybe check out a show at The Stanley. Or if you want to see something even more Utican, see a show at the Players of Utica.

10. Wrap up the Night with Drinks. Celtic Harp, Varick Bar and Grill, Shots Sports Bar, O' Donnell's, - That's just a few of the hot spots on Varick Street, which is the perfect way to wrap up the night. Varick Street has so many bars and restaurants, your choices are endless. If you're looking for something a little more 'quiet,' you can stop by Gerber's 1933 Tavern (which actually used to be a speakeasy), or head over to the Radisson and stop by their Encore Lounge.



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