'Would You Rather' has made its return! For the first question bringing it back, we had a lot of funny and clever answers.

Last Friday, JR and Naomi Lynn brought back the popular "Would You Rather..." questions. To kick off the series, they had a very interesting question: Would you rather be able to speak every language perfectly OR be able to talk to animals.

Between Facebook comments and messages, phone calls, and emails - The answers between the two were pretty close - It was almost 50/50. But we're not really worried about which answer was more popular, instead we're enjoying some of the best responses to this question, and reasons why people felt the way they did.

Our favorites from Facebook:

Facebook Answers to "Would You Rather"
Lite 987 via Facebook

And this one...

Facebook Answer for "Would You Rather" with a PS Message
Lite 987 via Facebook

Which led to more Comets support:

"Go Comets" on "Would You Rather" Thread
Lite 987 via Facebook

***NOTE: Naomi Lynn was wearing a Comets Hoodie in the original post. That's what started the cheering for them (which we're not complaining about - Go Comets!)

Our favorite email had to be this one (and we're guessing this person sent it as an email to stay anonymous):

Email Answer to "Would You Rather"
Lite 987

And the best phone call?

Marissa called in with this comment,

I would talk to animals. I don't really like people so why would I want to be able to talk to them all over the world?

With all the great responses to our last "Would You Rather" question, we're looking forward to the next ones to come! Join us on Friday mornings for "Would You Rather."
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