No, this isn't a video about why there's a deer-crossing sign next to a busy highway. Instead, it's more of a question into New York's usage of the sign.

If you're driving pretty much anywhere in New York, you're sure to come across those yellow deer-crossing signs. But what makes Naomi Lynn rant and rave about these harmless little reminders?

First of all, their placement. Under the sign is usually another little sign that says, "2 MILES" or "5 MILES" or something like that. But once you go the distance under the sign, there's usually another deer-crossing sign. Why not have one sign with the whole amount like, "Deer Crossing 38 MILES" or however long they add up to be? Why does there need to be so many signs??

The other thing Naomi thought was kind of funny was the fact that with all these deer-crossing signs, she's actually only seen one deer in the road. That's it. While she lived in Michigan, she only saw one deer-crossing sign, but would see deer in the road at least once a week.

Maybe Michigan should invest in more deer-crossing signs. Maybe New York should get rid of a few of theirs. Wait a minute...

The two states could help each other out here.



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