A recent poll in USA Today determined the top ten apple orchards in the United States and we've got #1 right in Central New York.

Beak & Skiff came out on top for the second straight year. The orchard and store located just off Route 20 in Lafayette (about halfway between Cazenovia and Skaneateles), was founded in 1911, and has diversified its offerings far beyond apples.

The Syracuse-area dynamo is also well-known for its donuts and foods, its music festivals, and all sorts of beverages--from ciders (soft and hard) to gins, vodkas, and more.

Of course, there's no shortage of excellent apple orchards and apple-centric activities going on all around Central New York.

Lots of businesses are award winners in their own right. Cazenovia's Critz Farms has a great fall festival every year. And here are some other great places to pick, taste, and enjoy the colors and flavors of fall:

Twin Orchards Farms, 4685 Middle Settlement Road, New Hartford

Windy Hill Orchards and Farm Market, 577 East Street, Cassville

North Star Orchards, 4741 NY-233, Westmoreland

Fly Creek Cider Mill, 288 Goose Street, Fly Creek


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