Hero, vigilante, Dark Knight…Batman has been called many things. Add to that list “corporate shill.”

Everyone from Diet Coke to OnStar has enlisted Batman to plug their products. And why not? He’s brooding, handsome, has deep-seated issues stemming from his parents’ murder…er, maybe scratch that last one.

With ‘The Dark Knight Rises‘ in theaters, the floodgates of Bat-merchandising have reopened. But looking back, Batman has always been one of Madison Avenue’s go-to pitchmen. (Sorry, Ant-Man. You’ll get your turn someday…) Take a look at some of the funniest and most action-packed commercials starring The Dark Knight.

Alfred Is Out of Diet Coke

Anyone old enough to remember when the first Tim Burton Batman movie was everywhere will fondly recall this gem of an ad, impeccably performed by the late Michael Gough. Though wouldn’t the Gotham corner store catch on to Bruce Wayne’s secret if Alfred’s Diet Coke order is always being picked up by Batman?

‘Batman Returns’ Choice Hotels

Putting aside why Batman would program a flying suitcase to stalk a poor vacationing family, the spot is a reminder that Bruce Wayne was planning his sonar cellphone surveillance thing way before ‘The Dark Knight.’

Batman Returns…for Diet Coke!

This time out, Batman is less concerned about stopping whoever is stealing Gotham’s power supply than with finding a working Diet Coke machine.

Alfred Schools Batman in Auto Safety, OnStar

During the fallow period between ‘Batman & Robin’ and ‘Batman Begins,’ OnStar produced a series of excellent ads that were like mini Batman movies. Featuring the Batmobile from the Tim Burton movies and cameos from Joker and other favorites, these ads were manna from heaven for desperate geeks.

Batman Needs Help Unlocking the Batmobile, OnStar

If Batman has an OnStar account, does that mean the helpful customer service rep knows his secret identity?

Batman Cereal Is Part of a Complete Breakfast

Sadly the cereal, which was based off the first Batman movie, only featured tiny Bat symbol shapes instead of marshmallow versions of Jack Nicholson’s Joker and “Bob the Goon.”

“Joker,” OnStar

Before Heath Ledger, Joker was portrayed by Curtis Armstrong for the excellent OnStar series. Yes, “Booger” from ‘Revenge of the Nerds’ played the Clown Prince of Crime.

Football Player Thinks He’s Batman, Snickers

Okay, so maybe Batman himself isn’t in this one. Or is he??

Batman Calls Commissioner Gordon, OnStar

Did anyone ever actually win a walk-on part in the next Batman movie from this promotion? Considering these ads were made in 2000, and ‘Batman Begins’ came out in 2005, that’s a long time to wait to be some random Gothamite who runs away screaming from Scarecrow’s fear toxin.

Batman Upholds the Law of Toyland, Zellers

Batman and Robin remind you that the “lowest price is the law” in this pun-filled series of ads for toy store Zellers. If you can get past Batman’s giant mouth, these spots are action-packed and gorgeously animated.

Batman’s Hot Date, OnStar

Model/actress Brooke Burns subs in for Kim Basinger in the Vicki Vale part for this OnStar ad. (Basinger was busy doing, uh, whatever it is she’s been doing since the late ’90s.) So in case you’re wondering what happened to Vicki after the first Batman movie, the answer is she’s waiting by the phone for Bruce to call.

Batman and Robin Go Christmas Shopping at Zayre

Kudos to the actors in this spot for perfectly channeling Adam West and Burt Ward. That said, Zayre couldn’t actually get Adam West and Burt Ward? It’s not like they were doing a whole lot during the early ’80s.

Life in Gotham Is Rough, Comcast

A clever ad that shows that living in Gotham City comes at a high cost. Actually, this could double as a life insurance spot.

Riddle Me This, OnStar

Between the Jim Carrey-esque Riddler and the over-the-top colors, this OnStar ad is clearly channeling the Joel Schumacher Batman era. Thankfully, no Bat nipples and Seal soundtrack.

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