The 2014 Golden Globes were so full of over-the-top, entertaining moments on-screen that we can't forget all the AMAZING stuff off-screen as well! Mandatory selfies, makeup tutorials, fast-food runs, and the "single most important photo" of the entire night -- they're all here! And you'll never guess who gussied up for the big night with cucumber patches ...

Nina Dobrev sandwiched by Ashley Hinshaw and Topher Grace "getting ready to Globe"

How's this for a Peek Inside the Purse? A sick Nina Dobrev calls her ID, gum and lozenges the night's "purse essentials!"

Kelly Osbourne does blue steel with purple hair and gives a shout-out to her haircare products ...

...And her makeup artist, of course!

Ryan Seacrest posts a "mandatory selfie" with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. He was joking, but it's true!

Zooey Deschanel just had to share her adorable "Daisy manicure"!

Are YOU going to be the one to make fun of Diddy for cucumber patches? We didn't think so.

Diddy dudded up just before showtime. Looking sharp with a sweet ride!

Emma Roberts does the unthinkable by grabbing fast food BEFORE the event. Wow.

The always hilarious Kat Dennings shares a photo of her ... cat. With the hashtag "globes." Guess she's home watching along with us!

Ryan Seacrest called this amazing Jennifer Lawrence photobomb of Taylor Swift the most important picture of the night. He wasn't kidding about that either!

Drew Barrymore has a pregnant pizza after-party. Can we join her?

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