Chips with French onion dip and macaroni and cheese. Those were my go-to breakup foods of choice every single time. How about you? What food do you reach for when your heart is hurting?

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Isn’t it kind of funny how our comfort foods are often the same foods we reach for when going through a breakup?

Thankfully, I haven’t been through a breakup in almost a decade because I’m married, but when I’m feeling really sad about something, I still reach for chips with French onion dip and macaroni and cheese. I’m definitely an emotional eater and would give anything to crave carrots and celery when I’m feeling down.

USARx analyzed Google Trends to learn more about what each state turns to for breakup food when they need to heal a heartbreak. We’ve all seen the scene in the movies where the woman involved in a breakup burrows under her blankets with a glass of wine and a box of chocolates and doesn’t leave her bed until both are consumed. But, is that reality? Do women really turn to chocolates like they do in the movies?

According to the Google Trends, hamburgers and candy are the breakup foods of choice in five states. Cake, chicken noodle soup, grilled cheese, milkshakes, and pizza were the top favorites in three states.

Interestingly, only two states said their go to is chips and none of the states selected macaronic and cheese as the food they chow down on when their heart hurts which hurts my heart a little.

So, what is is that New Yorkers reach for to help get them through a sad breakup? Well, it turns out the movies imitate life after all because in New York chocolate is the food of choice and guess what? New York is the only state which selected chocolate as its go-to.

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