When opening a business location is very important. These two cities in New York may be a little bit on the smaller side, but they're the perfect places to start a new business.

The personal finance website "WalletHub" has done all the work for you when it comes to finding the perfect city to open up a new business. They looked into more than 1,200 smaller cities across the country, to find the best ones that will help a business survive and thrive, looking into key factors like the average amount of startups in an area to financing accessibility to labor costs and so much more. But according to all the data they collected, two smaller-sized cities in New York made their list of the Top 20.

Unfortunately, if you were hoping to start your business in Utica or Rome, those were not the two cities that made the Top 20. Both Utica and Rome are on the list, but we'll get to that later...

The two cities on the Top 20 of WalletHub's list are on the western side of the state.

The first one named and taking the Number 11 spot is Irondequoit, in Monroe County. The city is a suburb of Rochester, and according to Wikipedia, it has a lot to offer. The town includes many parks, schools, libraries, churches, businesses and shops. It's also home to the "Seabreeze Amusement Park" (one of the oldest amusement parks in the country) and "Parkside Whispering Pines," which is the oldest miniature golf course still up and running.

Sounds like a pretty nice place to give a new business a start, right?

The next city in New York to make the Top 20 looks like a pretty nice place, as well. Taking the Number 14 spot is Tonawanda, in Erie County. This city is just north of Buffalo (although it's still considered in the Buffalo/Niagara Falls Metropolitan Area). Tonawanda also has some interesting attractions including a family fun theme park called "Adventure Landing." This park has things like miniature golf, an arcade, and a teddy bear factory. According to TripAdvisor, the city is also home to many restaurants and bars, parks, a museum, and two different "Escape Rooms."

If moving to the western side of the state isn't on your list, and you would like to start a business in this area, well we do have news for you. Utica and Rome are both on the list, but they're quite down from the Top 20. Rome came in at the 710th spot, and Utica a few after, in the 744th spot.

You can see WalletHub's full list and get a breakdown of how they analyzed all the cities by visiting: "WalletHub's Best and Worst Cities to Start a Business."





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