Some of us take our French Fries very seriously. While they're not often the main course, a great side of fries does for a meal what the right pair of shoes does for an outfit: it makes it perfect! We asked and you answered: here's where you get the best fries in Central New York, and there's not a drive-thru window on the list.

French fries can also offer insight into a person's personality. Are you the type of person that digs right in with your fingers to eat fries, or do you use a knife and fork? Do you put ketchup on the side, or all over the plate? Maybe you eschew ketchup for gravy...or cheese...or vinegar. (If you choose vinegar, I'm not sure I'll really ever understand you.) Do you hold the salt? No matter how you take your fries, the restaurants and vendors below will not disappoint. For directions and information about the rest of the menu at each spot, just click on their names.

Maybe we should establish a french fry eating trail and sample fries from every spot until we've had them all. Then we can celebrate with some more fries. As long as we don't run out of ketchup, we should be fine.

Who makes your favorite fries? Let us know, and we'll add them to the list!


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