Bill Cosby is a comedic legend.  He’s celebrating his 75th birthday today.  Cosby has been acting in movies and television for years, in addition to touring with his stand up routine.  From ‘Fat Albert’ and ‘The Bill Cosby Show’ on TV to ‘Ghost Dad’ on the big screen, Cosby has been making people laugh for years.

I remember as a kid watching ‘The Cosby Show’ every week.  Although I only had one brother, I could still relate to the fighting and situations the family got into.  Looking back, as a parent, it’s even funnier.  Cosby’s stand up routines are, tears in your eyes, belly rolling, face hurts from laughing so hard, hilarious. No matter how old the content, its still relevant and funny today. Plus his bits are so clean, the whole family can enjoy it.

Here are the best bits from Bill Cosby with just his chair and a microphone.