Who doesn't like free stuff, especially on their birthday? It's like, extra presents. Luckily, there's quite a few places in our area that offer discounts and freebies on your special day.

Here's the thing to know before you stop at any of these places (listed below) to get your free or discounted items on your birthday... MOST of these places have a "rewards club" or "email program" you need to be already signed up for to get your deal. These clubs and programs usually require an email address, and some you have to create an account, but if that's all you have to do to get some freebies?! Well, we think it's worth it. Plus, they can send you other deals throughout the year.

Our advice? Create a separate email account, just for things like this. That way you don't get overloaded on your work email or personal email that you use on a daily basis. Alright, onward to the goodies you can take advantage of right here in Central New York:

Applebee's: free dessert (and they'll sing you a birthday song)

Arby's: free milkshake (12-ounce)

Auntie Anne's Pretzels: free regular pretzel

Baskin Robbins: free scoop of ice cream (and $3 towards an ice cream cake)

Buffalo Wild Wings: free snack-size wings order

The Cheesecake Factory: free ice cream dessert

Cold Stone Creamery: free ice cream in a waffle cone

Cracker Barrel: free dessert

Denny's: Grand Slam breakfast ***This one you don't have to sign up for. Just show them your ID and you'll get your free breakfast.

Dunkin' Donuts: free beverage

IHOP: free stack of pancakes

Olive Garden: free dessert or appetizer

Outback Steakhouse: free ice cream sundae

Panera Bread: free pastry

Papa John's: free bonus points, which you can redeem for your choice of goodies like breadsticks, garlic knots, or other treats

Piggy Pat's: free Margarita

Pizza Hut: free cinnamon sticks

Red Lobster: free dessert and $5 off two regular meals (plus they'll sing "Happy Birthday" to you)

Red Robin: free birthday burger

Starbucks: free drink or treat ***You need to be signed up for their rewards program at least 30 days before your birthday

Subway: free 6-inch sub and beverage

Uno's Pizzeria and Grill: free entree

Wendy's: free frosty


If you're planning on taking advantage of any of these specials for your birthday, make sure you sign up for that business' reward program, and get all the details. Sometimes offers and special discounts change. And if you're ever unsure, you can always call the restaurant and double-check, just in case.

Happy birthday, and enjoy your free and discounted goodies.




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