People's preferences about pizza can be very specific. Some people prefer a thick crust and lots of cheese, while others will only eat a thin-crust slice with an ideal sauce to cheese ratio. Locally, we've noticed that folks can be very loyal to their favorite pizza place; that's the place they get their pizza from and that's it.

Yelp, a website that allows users to review their favorite restaurants, has ranked the best pizza places based on those user reviews. Let's take a look at whether your favorite pizza place made the top 10, according to Yelp users. (This list only includes Utica and the area immediately surrounding it. That explains why DiCastro's Brick Oven isn't on the list.)

  1. O’Scugnizzo Pizzeria - 614 Bleecker St, Utica, NY
  2. Joe's Pizza - 117 Main St, Whitesboro, NY
  3. Mangia Macrina’s Wood Fired Pizza - 8636 Seneca Tpke, New Hartford, NY
  4. Venice Pizzeria - 603 Oriskany Blvd, Yorkville, NY
  5. Johnny's Pizza - 100 Genesee St, Utica, NY
  6. Slice Pizzeria - 2007 Genesee St, Utica, NY
  7. Pizza Boys - 9 Clinton St, New York Mills, NY
  8. Lukin's Brick Oven Pizza - 640 Varick St, Utica, NY
  9. Parkway Pizza - 1250 Culver Ave, Utica, NY
  10. Napoli's Italian Bakery - 412 Culver Ave, Utica, NY

The best part is that all of these pizza parlors (do we still call them pizza parlors?) are locally owned and operated. Eat local whenever you can.

Is one of these your favorite? How many of the top ten have you been to? Which ones do you still need to try?



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