The first full week of December 2017 offered up a vast cornucopia of rich topics for the Beth & Dave Show on Lite 98.7. The video here features the Top 5 Bits for the Week of December 4th...

1. After hearing a clip in which actor Neil Patrick Harris talked about the challenges of finding the right gift for his young son, callers chimed in with odd holiday gift requests by the kids in THEIR lives.

2. In the week's funniest Your Momma Must Be So Proud, the state of Florida was again the locale, but this time it was a non-human grabbing the headlines.

3. Beth & Dave witnessed a fender-bender at the Target at Sangertown Square Mall, but disagreed on whether to offer eyewitness assistance.

4. The Ugly Christmas Sweater trend spawned a great parody and discussion.

5. Talking about A Charlie Brown Christmas led to a debate on whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas movie, which inspired this poll question:


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