As usual, we covered it all this past week.

1. A recent study said 70% of drivers do not entirely understand the dashboards on their cars, present company included, and one caller told us about the latest technology aboard his wife's car.

2. It's getting down to crunch time for Halloween costume decisions. We're still contemplating our options for a couples costume, and one caller had a great idea for us.

3. In the best Your Momma Must Be So Proud of the week, a first date in Little Rock, Arkansas went horribly awry. We had some big questions and comments about the bad guy in THIS scenario.

4. A dedicated wedding crasher in the news caught our eye this week, and one caller had an interesting perspective to help us solve the dilemma surrounding this story.

5. One of our favorite Lite 98.7 artists, P!nk, disclosed an interesting revelation about her marital life that had us on different sides of the fence, and the "discussion" drew input from callers.

BONUS: One of us swears a lot. We won't name any names. But we DID discover there may be a silver lining to the bad habit.


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