The week was chock full of Halloweenery. Our Top 5 Radio Segments for the week of October 23, 2017, in no particular order:

1. The Kinda Hard Question about people's desire to live in a haunted house drew a surprising comment from one caller.

2. A man in Montreal busted by the cops for singing a C+C Music Factory tune in his car became an instant classic.

3. In our best Your Momma Must Be So Proud story of the week, we found you can never go wrong with redneck wedding crashers in Florida.

4. We were inspired by the art teacher from Mamaroneck, who created a graveyard at his house to memorialize 2017's played-out trends, and we decided to have our own local "burial."

BONUS: Another Kinda Hard Question (42% of people have done THIS on Halloween) turned out to be a stumper, but we had fun with the answer.



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