One of my friends posted on Facebook yesterday that she got a call from her own cell phone number. My first thought was: the world is ending. That's also because I over dramatize things, but even then so it didn't sound right. Then, a bunch of others commented on it saying they experienced the same thing. And ironically, all at the exact same time.

I have yet to get a call from myself. However, I wanted to write this post since it now is apparently making its way to Central New York. If anything like this happens: don't answer, it's a scam. "Spoofing" to be more specific.

The first time I saw anything about this, it was taking place in other states. This is the first I've heard about it taking place here.

Pro tip: if it looks or sounds sketchy - get confirmation from local officials before providing any personal information. If not, some one could steal your identity.

Imposter scams, including this latest spoofing call, account for nearly 50 percent of the 1400 scams reported to the Department of Consumer Affairs last year alone.

According to USA Today, In fiscal 2017, the Federal Trade Commission received more than 4.5 million complaints regarding robocalls and nearly another 2.6 million complaints about live callers.

Consumers can report unwanted calls at

Be safe and smart out there with your information. It could cost you in the long run.


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