Beyoncé and Jay Z are celebrating their nine year anniversary today, and if you're the biggest superstar in the world the best way to showcase your undying love is to set the internet on fire by releasing a new music video.

While the original 2015 video for "Die With You" (released on their seventh anniversary) featured Beyoncé playing the piano while Jay recorded her, the updated version includes additional footage of the couple together, hanging out on vacation, chilling on boats, relaxing on the beach, smoking cigars together and just generally being relationship goals. Of course, their daughter, Blue Ivy makes an adorable appearance, kissing mommy's very pregnant belly and leaving blotches of lipstick in her wake.

"'Cause darling I wake up just to sleep with you / I open my eyes so I could see with you/And I live so I can die with you," Bey lovingly sings on the track.

Additionally, Beyoncé released a 63-track playlist on Tidal, "IV Ever Ever" in honor of her anniversary, which of course, includes Toni! Tone! Tony!'s classic "Anniversary," Sade's "Stronger Than Pride" and D'Angelo's "Cruisin" among other jams.

Watch the sweet updated version of "Die With You" on Tidal.


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