Do you know what business or organization has the most people working for them in New York? For a big chunk of the United States, it's one business.

To believe a giant box-store is the biggest employer in a state would actually be a pretty safe bet. According to VividMaps, Walmart is the biggest in employer in 19 states. Nineteen! New York isn't one of those states, however.

And it's not another box-store or chain giant that could be found around the country or around the world. Do you have an idea of what the business or organization may be??

We'll give you a hint...

Think "school."

Alright, that hint probably gave it away. But yes, according to VividMaps, the biggest employer in our state is SUNY. Which if you think about it, does make a lot of sense. It seems like everywhere you look, there is a SUNY college, from Buffalo to Albany, to New York City, and even a handful right here in Central New York. Actually, there are 64 different SUNY campuses across the state, that's according to

But think about it... With all those schools, that's a lot of teachers that are needed, as well as coaches, counselors, groundskeepers and custodians. Plus, cafeteria workers/food service, maintenance, and someone has to take care of payroll for all those employees... The list goes on and on.

So if you're ever looking for a new job or thinking about switching careers, you'll probably have some pretty good luck looking to work for SUNY. And with so many campuses across the state, you probably wouldn't even have to move.





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