Bears at the Orphaned Wildlife Center in Otisville, New York got to enjoy a tasty human treat for their birthdays. "Human treat" as in birthday cake, not actual human flesh.

A charming video of a wildlife center worker feeding cake to the enormous creatures with a spoon made its rounds on social media recently. They even got to drink from a thermos of coffee on their special day.

“A little known fact is that almost all bears are born in January. So since we do not know the exact date of birth for most of the bears in our sanctuary, we collectively celebrate their birthday on January 19.”

The Orphaned Wildlife Center in Otisville, New York is home to several bears and other displaced animals. Some of their bears were born in captivity at animal parks that are no longer functioning, while others come to the sanctuary with injuries that are rehabilitated before they're released back in the wild.

Unfortunately the sanctuary is not open to the public, but they maintain an active YouTube channel with over 226K subscribers. The videos show the bears interacting with the sanctuary's staff in a friendly manner. Despite their animals' even-keeled temperament, the Orphaned Wildlife Center website says they will not honor your lifelong dream of interacting with a bear.

 "If you want to work with bears consider taking the state test and applying for a rehabilitation license and then volunteering at a local rehabilitation organization in your state"

If you'd like to help the Orphaned Wildlife Center, you can donate through their website or purchase something on their Amazon wish list. 

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