They've been comin' to ya on a dusty road in Rome for so many years, the Rome Blues Brothers. They have sad news for Central New York.

The Rome Blues Brother's have been performing throughout Central New York for many years. During the July 2017 flooding here in Central New York, the brothers lost their iconic vehicle. A GoFundMe was launched to help replace it. The goal was set to $4,000. The band was able to use the money raised to purchase a replacement vehicle that was discovered in the Binghamton area.


However, the band just posted to Facebook some sad news on this vehicle:

Sad to say, the Bluesmobile of Central NY is no more. The car was involved in an accident and is deemed totaled. Elwood nor Jake were injured in the accident. Rest in Piece Bluesmobile."

Luckily the boys were not injured. That's first and important. But the vehicle is no more. At this point in time there doesn't look like a replacement is easy.

Here are some photos from the wreck:

The Blues Brothers of Central New York
The Blues Brothers of Central New York

Chuck Kovac: "Oh man... this is a very sad day. Glad you guys are okay but... a moment of silence to the Bluesmobile."

Michael Paul Callahan: "OH CRAP!!! I was hoping this was a very early April Fool's joke. That is terrible. I feel like The Lone Ranger just lost Silver! Or Roy Rogers just lost Trigger. RIP Bluesmobile. Maybe you can replace with an electric Bluesmobile!!! Hope you can replace somehow."

Jay Dee: "That is terrible..Goodbye has been a lot of fun driving you and riding in you! I'm so glad you guys are ok"

You can read more online here.

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