If you love cheese, drinks, seafood and more, you'll want to head out to Board and Bar Charcuterie of Syracuse.

Fall In Love With Cheese And Drinks At Board And Bar Charcuterie Of Syracuse

If you love cheese, drinks, seafood and more, you'll want to head out to Board and Bar Charcuterie of Syracuse.

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Nick and Laurie Salvetti are a husband and wife team behind Board and Bar. According to Syracuse.com, Nick had been the chef and CEO of Défi Cuisine, the previous restaurant in this spot. Défi closed for good during the Covid-19 pandemic, but Nick wasn’t ready to give up on this spot. He and Laurie came up with a new approach for dinner:

“When we were going out to dinner—just the two of us—we were getting away from ordering entrées,” Laurie said. “We would have a couple drinks, and then we got to a point that we were ordering charcuterie boards. We’d pick at them while having a conversation. It was enjoyable.”

The meals are all board-based. They are all served on piece of maple wood. The size and price of the board varies, depending on how many people are sharing. A board for one to two people is $20, two to four people is $35, four to six is $50.

What's the menu like? According to Syracuse.com, the dinner menu lists three boards: a seafood platter, a vegan tray and a traditional mix of cured meats, local cheese and pickled vegetables. They also serve a cheesecake board and a chocolate board for dessert. On weekend mornings, you'll find a griddle board, bagel board, meat board, fruit and yogurt board, and a quiche board.

You can read more about them, and find out their current hours right on their Facebook page.

Bloody Mary flights. Cheers!

Board and Bar Charcuterie not only offers different kinds of charcuterie boards (breakfast, seafood, traditional) but you can go there to get yourself a Mimosa flight or a Bloody Mary flight. You can read more here.

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