UPDATE SUNDAY 5AM: The race has happened. Check out our complete coverage and race results.


They met to update the media late Saturday evening hoping that rain, or worse - thunder and lightning - don't make an appearance.

They plan to make a decision one way or the other at 5AM on Sunday morning, based on the latest weather models.

''We will know more then,'' Boilermaker President Tim Reed said, and it's basically going to be an all or nothing decision. They're either going to forge ahead, or call the whole thing off.

If the decision is made to cancel the race, officials will share the news via facebook, twitter and local media outlets.

And, Reed made clear if the race is cancelled, he does not condone any efforts of participants to try and run anyway.

If the race is cancelled, roads will not be blocked to traffic and there will be no timing devices.

He was unable to answer questions about whether entry fees would be refunded, or held over till next year.

'Let's hope we don't have that type of a situation,' he said.

This concern hasn't really cropped up in years past. In fact, Reed says it's never even rained during the first 36 Boilermakers. However, the 37th edition race may be different.

Based on some weather models race officials have been looking at, it is very possible there could be severe storms. And if it goes on as planned, the post-race party may be cut short, he said.

'I have the souls of 18,500 runners and 5,000 volunteers that I'm responsible for,' he said.

Forecasts are subject to change of course, but according to weather.com, Sunday's forecast (as of this posting) calls for a mix of sun and clouds, humid conditions and temperatures in the mid 70's for the start of the races (7:15 and 8:00 a.m.).

But, thunderstorms are possible beginning at 9:00 a.m.

While 5k runners and elite athletes may be off the road by then, there will still be thousands making their way along the 9.3 mile course. And, don't forget thousands of spectators, bands and other entertainments acts scattered across Utica.

Reed said if the race goes on a scheduled and you are a 15k runner who does not believe you can complete the race in two hours and 30 minutes, don't come.

Check WIBX950.com or our facebook and twitter feeds Sunday morning at 5am for the latest information.

If the race is still on, WIBX 950's complete on-air coverage will begin at 7:00 AM.

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