Bono reported that he wasn’t expected to suffer any lasting damage to his voice after U2 were forced to abandon a show in Germany at the weekend.

He lost the ability to sing partway into the Berlin concert, having previously complained of the smoky atmosphere and described the experience as “like being in a giant cigar.” After originally planning to take a 10-minute break, the band decided not to finish the show and asked the audience to keep hold of their tickets for a make-up appearance.

Confirming the new date of Nov. 13, Bono said in a statement, “I've seen a great doctor and with his care I’ll be back to full voice for the rest of the tour. So happy and relieved that anything serious has been ruled out. My relief is tempered by the knowledge that the Berlin audience were so inconvenienced. There was an amazing atmosphere in the house, it was going to be one of those unforgettable nights but not for this reason.”

He added a handwritten note, which read: “PS to the ones who sang ‘Red Flag Day’ for me last night, thanks. There are some high notes in that one… as always ‘you take us higher.’”

Bono's note

U2’s Experience+Innocence tour continues as planned in Cologne, Germany on Sept. 4 and runs until Nov. 10, with a stage set reported to feature the highest-resolution screen ever used by a band. Bono recently commented, "All the staging you see behind us really goes back to the early days of U2 when we would stage dive. We would break the fourth wall trying to get to our audience — trying to touch them, trying to reach them. Then when we got to playing theaters and then arenas, the back of the theater got further and further away."

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