The fund set up to support victims of the Boonville fire has come up short after a donor withdrew their pledge.

After a fire devastated Boonville's Main Street on December 5, 2019, donors from all over rushed to support the victims and help the community rebuild. Ultimately, over $25,000 was raised and distributed to those in need.

Unfortunately, one donor initiated a 'charge back', effectively withdrawing their donation. Since the finds have already been distributed, the fund is now $1000 short.

"What's Happening in Boonville, NY" has issued an urgent request to the community for support:

"GoFundMe had no choice but to deduct these funds out of the bank account that the Village set up for us. Since 100% of donated funds had already been paid out to all those affected by the fire, it has left the Boonville Fire Fund bank account with a large negative balance.

We are posting today to see if our Community can help make the fund/account whole again by once again coming together to find the heart and the money to give back this $1,000 that has been taken away. Please reach out to Village Treasurer Lisa Kaiding at (315) 943-2052, extension 1201, or at should you be interested in donating. Anything will help. And thanks again to ALL of you that donated previously. You’ve changed lives and we love you for it."




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