If you never got your gift card for getting your vaccine, don't expect to get it at all. Oneida County has officially finished awarding residents eligible for the incentive.

With the Boost OC Vaccination Incentive Program officially closing, we can now see how effective it was at getting people vaccinated. In total, $3.25 million was awarded to over 32,000 residents in the county. That many was then reinvested with local businesses. County Executive Anthony J. Picente says the program was tremendously successful.

“It has helped to incentivize more than 32,000 county residents to get their COVID-19 vaccinations while pumping millions into the local economy. The response to the program was so great in fact, that we allocated $750,000 more in federal funds to meet the incredible demand, securing gift cards for an additional 7,500 residents."

Originally launched last September, Boost OC distributed $100 gift cards to anyone who got their COVID-19 vaccine between July 15th and December 31st. $2.5 million in funding was first allocated from the American Rescue Plan for the program. Picente later approved another $750,000 to help further the programs success.

Oneida County is alerting those who participated that their gift cards wont expire. This goes for people who received their cards electronically or via mail. County Executive Picente also had this to say.

"I would also like to thank the local businesses who participated and helped to encourage the health and safety of our residents. Our business community has suffered many hardships during this pandemic and I’m glad they were able to receive a financial lift through the Boost OC program.”

You can learn more by visiting the county's website.

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