News of a vaccine that can prevent COVID is welcome news to many, but not everyone is on board with getting the vaccine. Proposed legislation would make the vaccine mandatory in New York.

Vaccine makers Pfizer and Astra-Zeneca are among several trying to get rapid approval to make their vaccine available in the US. A recent Gallup poll says 63% of Americans would be willing to get the vaccine when one becomes available.

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Proposed legislation, sponsored by Linda Rosenthal in the New York State Assembly, would effectively mandate the vaccine if they "determine resident of the state are not achieving sufficient immunity" because not enough people voluntarily receive the vaccine.

WGRZ reports the bill's sponsor, Assemblyperson Linda Rosenthal, says "The state is not frivolously doing this. The state has a task force to review the vaccines. It's only at the point where there's a lack of herd immunity which protects every single resident of New York State that the department of health would step in."

A spokesperson for Governor Cuomo pointed out the governor's comments last week, when he stated that you cannot make someone take a vaccine.

Several lawmakers have said they would not support the proposed bill.


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