Hey bosses, skip the holiday office party this year.   Instead, try giving your employees what they really want. No shopping is involved either, at least for their top wish.  More money! 

Yes, money is what most American workers surveyed by Glassdoor.com said they'd like to receive from their employers this holiday season.  73% of those surveyed chose a cash bonus over a holiday office party.  60% would be very happy this holiday if they got a raise.  Anything else they'd like to receive from their employer, other than money? 36% would like paid time off, 29% want a grocery gift card, 13% would like to work from home for a year, stock shares would be cool with 9% of those surveyed and 7% would be satisified with a membership to a gym.  How about you?  Is cash at the top of your wish list or would you be happy with something else?